Beautiful Dress from Matilda Jane!

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February 21st, 2015


Matilda Jane is one of the finest company out there that specialize in making fun, colorful and comfortable clothes for kids. My daughter was wearing one of their beautiful with different patterns dress from Matilda. It was actually a product review from them. And because, I loved their the quality, I bought more clothes for my girl.

I bought a pants, shirts and some accessories for her to wear sometime this spring towards summer! They make unique patterns and the quality is really high ansd satisfying.  One thing, Matilda cannot be buy at the department stores, it has to be purchase in their website. :)

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Going GaGa Over Baby? Why We Fall In Love So Easily

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February 21st, 2015

Having a baby is fraught with worry and fear every second that your little one is OK. New moms spend hours staring at their new arrival and hoping they don’t get anything wrong. Baby is handled like a fragile glass ornament, and every cuddle is the most precious feeling you have ever felt. You start to forget what life was like before you were pregnant as you embrace this new role in your life. Being a mom means you will never be the same again, but that you have evolved into a new, better person than before.

You can find pleasure in the silliest little things like your baby passing wind. You can converse for hours about what you find in their nappies, and how many times they can spit up. You want to scream from the rooftops just how amazing your baby is as if no other baby can do the things she does. You are in love, and you love your role as mommy. You can’t bear to be away from your little one even for a minute, and you are dreading the call to work making you go back to your job.

Shopping for baby is a guilty pleasure all of us indulge in. Even when it’s not our baby, we can’t help but buy the cutest little things for the bundle of joy that has just arrived. Even the most routine and mundane purchases put a little smile on our face when they are for baby. Searching for essentials like travel systems can be great fun. Look up Car Seat Cosy Toes for some great ideas. Whatever you end up buying for baby, even just browsing through a baby store website can bring sheer delight!

Babies are expensive, so moms always have to make enormous sacrifices to cover the costs. But new moms don’t care. They want to spend every penny and more on little one, and it can be so easy to spend more than you can afford. When baby has arrived, and you are aware of any special needs baby may have, you can make a budget. This essential document will give you the power to spend without the fear of going overdrawn or taking on too much debt. Stick to it, and your entire family should be fine.


Baby photo from

Having a baby in our lives can turn us into spending maniacs, but a little restraint can go a very long way. Get the essentials paid for, and the rest is just for the cute factor! Remember, lots of friends and family will be in the same boat. They won’t be able to resist buying your little one lots of cute outfits and toys. In fact, you may be missing out far more than you expected while everyone’s attention is on your baby. Always keep a little in the pot to spoil yourself.

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Pizza Party: The Easiest of All!

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January 30th, 2015

Our son is 35 months old and next month he will be 36 months old on February 13th. Since, he knew what eh wants and he has favorite foods but guess what? His #1 favorite food is “PIZZA” and of course, he wants to have a Pizza party on his birthday. He even objected the idea of buying him a birthday cake as long as we have the pizza! :)

On the other hand, for me as the one who will prepare everything for his birthday, having pizza will be very onvenient when it comes to putting dishes and cleaning. But, I told him that I want to cook him spaghetti too. Thanks GOD, he agreed! Still hubby and I will order a birthday cake for him. We always do buy cake in every birthday that we have in our family. :)

Can’t believe our baby is turning 3 years old. Oh, time really fly so fast! :(

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