Kids Favorite Vegetable Salad

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May 21st, 2015


As a mom to two young beautiful kids, I always looking for something healthy to put on their table. They liked to eat the typical lettuce salad but it’s not really as healthy as the “Three Beans Salad”- I never thought of this. I received many healthy recipes in the mail early this month.

One of the easiest and healthiest recipe that I saw was this salad. All beans are those in cans. There is no absolutely chopping or scalding fresh veggies. It took 5 minutes under. Oh, before I forget, I did chopped up some fresh celery! :)

This salad had green beans, yellow beans, kidney beans, fresh celery (1 stalk), fresh lemon (1 lemon) more or less up to your taste, olive oil and sprinkled of black ground pepper and salt.

It was really a big hit as our kids loved it! They are 7 years old and 3 years old. I served it with pork and potato as the you see in the image below.

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Tips and Tricks to Create a Unique Children’s Bedroom

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May 21st, 2015

The great thing about putting together a unique children’s bedroom is that you can use your imagination and go as ‘out there’ as you like – there are no limits. You’ll more than likely end up feeling like a kid again when you’re doing it! If you’d like some tips and tricks to help you get started, look no further.

Use Plenty of Pattern and Color

To make your child’s bedroom really exciting, you’ll need to use lots of pattern and color. It’s up to you how you’d like to do this. You could clash patterns and colors, or match them. You could use a neutral color like white as your base and then use accessories to make the place look more interesting and colorful. You could even pick one pattern that you like, such as polka dots, and carry that all the way through. Picking one of their favorite themes is also a good idea.

Make it Practical for Them

You don’t just want your child’s bedroom to look good; it needs to be practical for them too. Make sure they have room to play in there and do the things they like to do. If they like to read, make a reading nook for them. If they enjoy writing, get them a desk and a typewriter. They’ll love having their own special ‘work space’.

Get Arty

Why not get a little arty and design something on the wall of your child’s bedroom? It could be that you paint a cartoon character they like on there, or that you simply design your own pattern. This way, you’ll know their bedroom is totally unique!

Give Them Sweet Dreams

All kids dream of having an amazing bed to sleep in. It should be comfortable, but it should also make them feel like they’re sleeping somewhere magical. Traditionally, this is a race car bed for boys and a princess style bed for girls, but you can find all different kinds of beds these days. If you want them to start asking you when they can go to bed, this is how to do it.



Include Quirky Accessories

Quirky accessories will make your child’s bedroom look really fun. Lava lamps might be a little retro, but that doesn’t mean you can’t include them! Snurk bedding is a fun way to liven up your child’s room too. I wouldn’t include too many expensive, or breakable objects as we all know what children can be like.

Ensure Plenty of Storage

Kids need a lot of storage for their toys and clothes. Ideally, the storage should be easy for them to access so that they can put things away and tidy up all on their own. Don’t make it difficult for them and they shouldn’t mind helping out!

Make sure you take your child’s personality into account when deciding what to do with their room. Don’t make your little girl have a princess room if she prefers pirates and animals! Have fun using your imagination!

See you next time!

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Spraying Water To Our Vegetable Sprouts!

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May 7th, 2015


My little boy was having fun spraying water to our vegetable sprouts! In this 2 starter kits that we bought, we planted 5 different vegetables. We are growing radishes, okra, eggplants, yellow and purple beans.

My girl and my boy and myself, we all planted the seeds. It was fun to do things with my kids all the time! I am fortunate that they liked to do gardening, they enjoyed very  much getting their tiny hands getting mud and dirt on it.. :)

I believed that teaching kids to loved gardening by planting fruits and vegetables will make them love to eat veggies and fruits. My kids are always excited to harvest the fruits of their/our labor! :) They loved to eat fresh fruits and vegetables.


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