7th Birthday Celebration

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August 19th, 2014

Our girl had finally turned 7 years old in July 31st. We did not have a big nor grand celebration for her. As usual gifts and foods that were cooked from  the grill. Her special day were attended by some of her aunties, cousins and us, her family. It was good and was a successful one. What really matter is the health and the other year that was added to her life. We are looking for many, many years to come for our daughter.

She received new clothes and toys. Clothes were mainly comes from me and her aunties. That is nice because I don’t have to buy lots of clothes for the new school year. Toys were from her daddy. He likes to buy toys for the kids. Oh well, she likes and enjoy toys. :)

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Sunday Fun: #PortMatilda Park

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June 23rd, 2014


Super excited that they already wore their helmets in the truck.. :)


Using one of the pavilions in the park/free of charge. :)


The spider… Our girl exploring what the park has… :)


The slide for big girls and boys…


Where the fun begin! ;)


Toddler’s swing- our little man had the fun! :)


Merry- Go- Round…


The Diggers that comes in two sizes, for toddlers and for big boys and girls.. :)

There are more pictures but for now, this is enough. :) Anyway, the Port Matilda is 10 minutes drive from where we live but we don’t go there as often. Yesterday, we were back because our girl was complaining about how bored she was. We left at 11:00 a.m. and left the park at 1:00 p.m.

The kids had really the fun though the park was been ours for almost two hours since it was only us. Thanks GOD a couple with their girl arrived but that was it and did not took long for us to leave the park.

Thought, we are going home straight  but while on our way, hubby asked if anyone wants to go to DAIRY QUEEN, come on, it’s fun food! LOL! It took 15 minutes to go to DQ but it was fine. Got large blizzards for all of us even the little man got a large blizzard too! :)

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Online dangers

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June 23rd, 2014


It is known fact that currently the Internet has developed into quite useful tool that has great influence on our lives. The majority of us most likely are unable to actually recall the time how it had been prior to the World Wide Web era. The Internet offers lots of benefits, for example widespread access to information and news from all around the world. You may also admit the Net is nearly excellent tool of democracy, due to the fact that most people who use it can say whatever they like about any subject. Additionally it is an excellent place, where folks from entire globe can easily socialize and discuss. Nevertheless, not everything is as good as it seems. The internet abounds with many sorts of bad guys, such as cyber-terrorists or hijackers, who figured out how to use innovative technologies with regard to their evil goals. Additionally, there are a lot more terrifying persons, who must be particularly terryfing for everyone who happen to be parents and have their children the pc – pedophiles. They are similar to big bad spiders in the Web, sitting in the middle of it and waiting for new victims. Most often they are using various chatrooms along with social media websites, which are both extensively used by minors.

Some tips and tricks

In this particular moment we have to bring up a question – what should all of us do to be sure that our children are safe when they browse the Web? To begin with, an excellent start requires you to explain to the children what kinds of websites they can watch and what they cannot. Also, they need to remember not to ever talk with unknown people or even reveal their own photographs and personal data on social media websites like Facebook or Twitter. We should coach them about precisely how to make use of privacy configurations on these kinds of internet websites, so their private details would stay safe. Most importantly, it is definitely absolutely crucial that you have regular talks with your kids regarding their internet activity. You might inform themthat when they get into web pages with adult content material, it will eventually install malicious software on their desktop. The latter argument would have special effect on those kids who spend a lot of their time playing video games. Additionally, if you want to have some extended control over the computer, you should place it for example in living room.

Implement software

Although if we continue to feel unconfident right after implementing all of the tips stated previously, we could consider setting up some online monitoring software. Programs such as these give you a number of useful options. As an illustration, you can easlily record whole activity, either offline and online which is taking place on your computer. On top of that, you are able to generate blacklists with dubious websites and also set special filters on specific words, writing which in search engine would not generate any results. Ultimately, it is possible to establish time limits, during when the computer or the Internet can be used. That means no longer endlessly asking them to stop surfing on the Internet or playing online games, because the computer would simply turn off by itself.

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