No More Cartoons For The Kids!

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June 21st, 2015

Yes! We don;t have any accessed to any cartoon shows as we decided to unsubscribed to our DISH satellite. It was all about getting the same shows and movies majority of the time and we were paying too much! If we want good and new movie to watch, we have to get it through pay per view!

I was very surprised that our kids did not fussed about getting rid of our satellite knwoing that they watched cartoons every single day. Thanks GOD for that! :)

Now, they have more time to play and enjoyed each others company. It is better than watching cartoons together.

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Fun Things To Do With Kids On Summer

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June 19th, 2015

Now, that summer is just days away and our daughter is so anxious of going out and do things actively outside. I have things plan ahead of how we are going to spend our summer in a merry and adventurous ways.

There is a recreational place not too far from where we lived. We already plan of going there, rent a pavilion, have picnic with some relatives and do some fishing, rent a boat (paddle boat). Take kids to the amusement park which is our annual thing to do.

Go to some farms for fruits picking. Take our Yamaha Rhino for a wood adventures and exploration. Cook outside, make smores. Go to Beech creek to visit our property and do some camping in there for a couple of days.

And hope to think of more fun to do! :) I want my kids to have a super excited summer. Weather so far is not cooperating. It has been raining or if not, it is always gloomy which really driving me crazy!

Oh, do some gardening too.. Surely, it is fun!!!! :)

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5-N-1 Dwarf Apple Tree For Our Kids!

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June 1st, 2015

Capture-APPLEWe received catalog from Farm Seed every year. They have so many great selections for fruits, flowers, nuts and trees. Prices are great too! Our kids loved to at APPLE regardless what kind of apples we have. Would not be nice to grow our own apple tree? When I saw the 5-N-1 Dwarf Apple tree, I was very interested and asked my husband to buy it.

Order was placed and now waiting for the apple tree to be deliver. On the other hand, we already bough a lady pink kind of apple at Lowe’s last month but this one requires a pollinator. So, it was perfect to have that 5-N-1 Apple tree.

Everyone is excited about it. Imagine, 5 different apples in one tree! Kids are happy and can’t wait for it.. I am fortunate that my kids loved APPLES!!! 😉 One Apple a day will keep the doctors away! 😉

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