A Dusty Adventure of the Family!

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September 29th, 2014

I don’t have the photos because my camera in the first place needs to be charged where I did not really paid attention of charging it. Since blogging stopped I also stopped being attentive to my camera so almost to none click on my camera. LOL! Anyway, yesterday, we cleaned and drained the pool’s water and the draining could take hours. Instead of waiting, we decided to hop in our Yamaha Rhino and do some adventures. We brought our GPS with us just in case we get lost but glad we don’t have to use it.

We went to places that were new to us to em and the kids. My husband been to those places 15-20 years ago when he was in the national gurad, so much changes but still he knew how to go back on the right direction. Everybody had the fun, it was more than 3 hours of driving. The Rhino is open and so all of use got so “DUSTY”, the bag where he stashed our foods and the water bottles of our kids that were in the side pockets of the bag were covered with dust.

We got home and the pool water was almost gone. We all need to get a shower to get rid off the dust. Our hair was sticky. LOL! That was really fun and we will definitely continue our adventure as long as the weather will permit. Yesterday was a very fine day. Not cold at all. :)

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Key principles of getting pregnant and being sensible mom

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September 29th, 2014


Pregnancy is an amazing period in life of every woman, especially if this pregnancy was long-awaited. For a lady, who is concerned on how she can get pregnant fast it’s necessary to take into account the number of such essential factors as her physical and mental state. Every expectant mother should think on how she can create the most favorable conditions for her unborn child.

To be a good mother it’s important to start preparing for motherhood before pregnancy. Firstly, it’s vital to keep a healthy lifestyle as well as healthy diet. In case an expectant mother has some bad habits and is used to drink alcohol, it’s necessary to get rid of these habits and start consuming just harmless products. It would be reasonable to take into account the food stuff that can boost her fertility as well as provide her body with the necessary vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and nutrients. In addition a woman should be sure that she is absolutely healthy and has no serious disorders that can negatively affect the normal course of pregnancy together with the state of her future baby and its prenatal development.

Secondly, getting pregnant it’s critical to avoid any kind of stress, since the emotional and psychological condition of a woman has a direct influence on her reproduction function. An expectant mother should experience just the best emotions like a love, joy and happiness, which are usually transmitted to her child. Moreover she should be absolutely certain of her and her baby security as well as health. There is no place for extreme sports and any kind of risk during pregnancy, as a sensible mother should take care of herself as well as her baby.

Thirdly, every expectant mother should realize that pregnancy provides a good chance to relax, meditate and to acquire new strength and energy, since the first months after her baby birth could be quite challenging, restless and full of sleepless nights. Then in the course of time her toddler will require more and more attention and patience. For this reason any mother should be adequately flexible and extremely responsive to her child needs. Namely such a relation of mother to the issue appears to be the basic aspect of her baby’s happy childhood.

So, to be a happy mother with a happy child it’s significant for every woman to enjoy her pregnancy and to read the useful  information on nursing, early upbringing and other important things intended for future moms.

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7th Birthday Celebration

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August 19th, 2014

Our girl had finally turned 7 years old in July 31st. We did not have a big nor grand celebration for her. As usual gifts and foods that were cooked from  the grill. Her special day were attended by some of her aunties, cousins and us, her family. It was good and was a successful one. What really matter is the health and the other year that was added to her life. We are looking for many, many years to come for our daughter.

She received new clothes and toys. Clothes were mainly comes from me and her aunties. That is nice because I don’t have to buy lots of clothes for the new school year. Toys were from her daddy. He likes to buy toys for the kids. Oh well, she likes and enjoy toys. :)

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