The Top 3 Women Eyeglasses That I Want From Glasses USA!

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April 16th, 2014


 Dicaprio 82- $68.00 including lenses


Politix – $64.00 including lenses


Oscar De La Renta OSM 812 – $88.80 including lenses

These are just the top 3 that I liked from glasses usa. As you see, prices are not bad. But, I will be making my appointment in the area. I was supposed to make one last Saturday but my husband reminded me about the function that we are going to attend this coming Saturday. So, I postponed my plan. Plus, I prefer to see an eye doctor so that I wil be prescribe the right eyeglasses for my needs. My vision sometimes really bothers me.  This has been going on  for a year or two but just ignore it before.  Eye exam is $55.00 and hopefully their glasses is not expensive. And, looking forward for modern and stylish designs. Wish these top 3 are available at my eye doctor.

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Struggling Readers Might Just Need Glasses

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April 16th, 2014


Perhaps the single most important skill children learn in school is reading. If they get behind on their skills, it can cause a ripple effect in almost every subject area. If a girl has trouble deciphering the words, she may need glasses. If such a need is not detected, the girl might fall behind on her reading skills, as well as skills and knowledge in science, history, and health classes, too. That’s why early assessment is critical. Parents may not always know if their child has less than perfect vision. At a young age, the child herself may not understand what letters and numbers should really look like. That’s why early eyesight evaluation and access to choosing the right children’s glasses are so important.

What Parents can do to Help

Because parents are the ones how know their children best, they are the most important people when it comes to their child’s health and well-being. That includes medical, dental, and vision issues. Nobody else will advocate for a youngster like the parent. Reading with the girl may increase early awareness of reading and vision problems. Noticing any difficulties with homework is good, but communicating with the child is even more important. If there are any problems, simply asking her if she has problems seeing might provide answers. Of course, not every child wants to admit there is a problem, just as not every child wants to wear glasses. Luckily, there are many styles of glasses to fit almost any budget.

What Schools can do to Help

Once a child is of school age, they spend a significant portion of time away from their parents. Teachers and administrators can be advocates for the health and well-being of a boy or girl. Offering annual vision screenings for young children is a huge benefit. Collaborating with a nonprofit agency is a great way to approach the task. School counselors and teachers can collaborate to target students who appear to be having vision problems. They can investigate and learn the child’s situation, which may include some of the following points:

  • No prior vision screening
  • Broken or lost glasses
  • Parental inability to pay  for eyeglasses 

The school may have funds to pay for helping students out in this situation. The sooner the child can get the glasses, the sooner she can get back on track and reading.

Arranging for Glasses even a Child will Love

Once a child completes a basic vision screening, the hard work is over. She should be able to get a prescription filled. If a brick and mortar store isn’t convenient, glasses of all different styles can now be purchased from online retailers. Technology allows children to look at a face alongside various frames in dozens of colors and styles. The shopper can virtually place the frames on the face so they can imagine what those particular glasses would look like on their own face. A good website will offer most of the features of a physical store, like shipping, warranty replacement, and repairs. One of the biggest realities of children’s glasses is that a pair will probably get damaged or lost at some point. Parents can shop around for a price good enough to buy two pairs. Then the child is ready to hit the books. Of course, first she might want to show off her new, cool glasses to her friends.

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Enjoying the Playhouse in a Hot Summery Day!

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April 15th, 2014


 Big sister was on the slide…


driving her bicycle around the yard…


playing and goofing around…


following big sister on the playhouse…

There are more photos that I took in Sunday. We had a very nice weather that made us felt liked it was summer. Hubby went outside early to do soem works in his garage, kids and I folled later and we spent our day outside. The kids were on the swing, going back and forth on the slides, riding bicycle, running around, picking up sticks and more. Since, it was really a beautiful day, we want to take advantage of it to the fullest.

When hubby was done with his works, we decided to put our Rhino to worked! We went for a rhino ride. It was a long and fun ride for almost 2 hours. We got back and it was dinner time. How I wish  that the weather is always up to 70′s, no rain just sun shining! ;) How about you? How was your weekend? Did you have fun?

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