My Girl Want Pokemon Cards

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April 16th, 2015


Our girl was never introduced to Pokemon cards and other Pokemon stuffs! Now that she is in school and in second grade, her classmates, most of them are doing the “Pokemon Trading Cards” that catches her interest. We went to the store to check for it and it is so expensive!

I am not a tight mom but I would never pay much money to cards only! So, she did not get any Pokemon cards. I felt bad but not willing to waste my money!

Then one of her classmate gave her one which made her so happy! That was months ago.. Lately, one of her classmate which is a boy, gave her a card and this girl who happened her classmate and our neighbor asked if she could looked at my girl’s card. My girl said “YES” and want her card back. This girl refused to gave our girl’s card which pissed me off.

Now, I told my girl to asked her classmate to give her card back or else I will confront the mother and the grandma about this matter.

Since my girl really want Pokemon cards, I searched on eBay and saw some that is $10.00 and new with 50 cards. I am sure this will make her happy to have her own Pokemon cards collection and she can do trading as well… :)

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Taking Toddlers On Vacation: Handy Tips

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April 16th, 2015

Summer is finally on the way and with it comes the call of sun, sand and sea – that’s right, I’m talking about summer vacations. As parents, my husband and I look forward to being able to get away from the stresses of everyday life and spend some quality time with our little ones.

However, we also know that taking young children abroad can sometimes be a little bit tricky. Especially, when lengthy plane rides are involved.

As a mom of two young children, I understand how difficult it can sometimes be to travel with them. However, I also know that is no reason to put off booking your next vacation.

Here are my top tips for taking your toddler abroad:

Choose a destination your toddler will enjoy


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While exotic locations can be tempting, if the weather is too hot it can be hard to keep your little one cool. If you want to visit an exotic location, consider going earlier or later in the season as this will mean the climate is slightly cooler and the heat more manageable.

Wherever you choose to go, just make sure to pick somewhere that is family-friendly and has lots of age-appropriate activities that your kids will enjoy.

Pick your accommodation carefully

Don’t just think about your needs when choosing a hotel, think about what would be the best accommodation option for your child. Would a villa in Spain, 5 star hotel in Oman or a bed and breakfast in Greece be best for you? With young children in tow, it is important that you carefully consider all the different destinations.

Think about what would work best for you and your children and then go from there. Before booking any accommodation, make sure to check that the establishment allows young children.

Flying with your little ones

For many parents, flying can be the worst part of taking their kids abroad. And while flying with a toddler isn’t always easy, there are plenty of ways you can keep them happy and entertained. All it takes is a little preparation and planning.

The key to a successful flight is packing lots of bits and bobs to keep them entertained. Books, coloring books, small toys, and tablets loaded with toddler games are all ideal for keeping them quiet on the flight.

It is also essential to pack spare clothes, nappies, baby wipes and snacks for your toddler. In terms of snacks, it is a good idea to pack more than you think you will need, that way if there are delays you will be able to keep your little one happy.

Keep them safe in the sun

If you are heading to somewhere with a warm climate, the most important thing you can do while you are there, is keep them safe from the sun.

Toddlers and young children have incredibly sensitive skin and can burn more easily than adults can. So it is important to ensure sunscreen is properly applied before going outside. A sun protector hat and pushchair umbrella will also help to protect them from any potential sun damage.

If you are in a hot climate, it is important to remember to up your children’s water intake. If you struggle to get your little one to drink extra water, the best way to extra fluid into them is through ice lollies.

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National Siblings Day!

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April 13th, 2015


WOW! I never heard of  “NATIONAL SIBLINGS DAY!” before. Absolutely new! I just learned about it when I saw some Facebook friends posted and so, here I am, posting and sharing my two lovely kids!

Their age gap is almost 5 years but it did not hinder their closeness as siblings! They loved and enjoyed each other’s company. Liked normal siblings, they  fight, they tease each other and show affection to each other.

Anyway, this is a late post for NATIONAL SIBLINGS DAY since it was in April 1oth- better late than never though. :)

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