For Batteries Sake..

December 26th, 2011

We really considering the fact that all establishment yesterday were close even those convenient stores. My husband bought a smart cycle for our daughter as one of her gift- did not notice that this learning system needs batteries. We have some batteries but it requires those big sizes. My hubby was looking and found two batteries that he took out from our flash light. Too bad, the game needs four batteries. Our daughter was so anxious to start playing her smart cycle. My husband was getting frustrated because he does not like to spoil our daughter’s excitement. He decided to go down town and look for a store that is open. Luckily, one convenient store was open and they sell the batteries that the smart cycle require. It was a blessing. He came home with a big smile because our daughter can play. Though, the smart cycle is connected to the television still the bicycle requires the batteries to make it work as it is where you have to put the cartridge. 

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