Easter Bunny and her Princess

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April 8th, 2012



I was been bugging my husband about taking our daughter for Easter Egg Hunting in our area. I was expecting that an invitation will be send to our mail this year for the community Easter Egg Hunting but I receive none. I talked to our neighbor about Easter Egg Hunting and she had no idea. They have their five year old granddaughter and they are just going to have their own little egg hunting in their own yard.

I search for places and some were done with the said event. Luckily, there was one place that was open for the event and it was in Saturday meaning my husband does not have the work. Plus would start at 2 P.M. I was very excited for our daughter because this place is at Orchard park and it is their 54th year of celebrating the event. Ages vary from 2-9 years old. It was really lots of fun. I felt like we were going to watch a football game as traffic was really jammed up. We had the hard time looking for our spot to park our pick up truck.

Part of the reminder was to be there at 2 P.M. sharp to meet the Bunny and to get the chance of posing with the Bunny. Sure enough, Mommy does not want to miss that. We left the house early because my husband was not familiar to the said place. We got there early and we saw the Easter Bunny. Our daughter got to pose with the Easter Bunny. See the happiness on her face? Who would not be?

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