Signs of Teething

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May 24th, 2012

Our baby boy turned three (3) months old yesterday but his drooling began when he was only over two months old. two weeks before he turn three months I noticed some changes from him. Every time I would sit down he would cry because he wants me to hold him up. the drooling became worst. He also likes to gnawed his hands.

When I did some research online I found five (5) signs of teething. I knew my son is too young for teething but I was surprised when I read the part where it says teething symptoms can appear as much as two to three months before the first tiny tooth does. Five symptoms are:

Drooling– You might find that your baby’s shirts are suddenly soggy. Fasten on a bib to keep her more comfortable (and cleaner), and gently wipe her chin throughout the day to stave off chapping (if that doesn’t work, ask your doctor about a mild moisturizer such as Aquaphor or even Lansinoh nipple cream). Pooling saliva may also cause a slight cough or even trigger the gag reflex. If she’s otherwise healthy, you can safely ignore both.

Gnawing- She’s not trying to be naughty. Little nips at your fingers, breast (ouch!), or her spoon help relieve the pressure she feels from under her gums.

Crying-  Some babies breeze through teething with nary a whimper, while others suffer from a good deal of pain — which they feel compelled to share with you in the form of whining or crying. Talk to your doctor about when to administer pain relievers such as infant acetaminophen or ibuprofen.

Fasting- Since sucking movements can worsen teething pressure or pain, your baby may refuse to nurse or eat, or may nurse briefly and then turn away. Keep at it, and call your pediatrician if the strike lasts more than a few days.

Waking- Especially when she’s working on cutting that very first tooth, your baby may fuss during the night as well as during the day, so be prepared for a little extra crib-side duty for a while.

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